Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Size of the Effort

In the Jakarta newspaper this morning there was an article reporting on the wrap-up of the Aceh-Nias Reconstruction and Rehabilitation agency commonly referred to as BRR. BRR was created as a four-year entity to oversee all of the 15,000+ projects that arose after the tsunami and subsequent earthquake on Nias. They coordinated all of the efforts of the Indonesian government, donating countries, UN agencies, and the NGO’s. NGO’s are “Non-Governmental Organizations” such as the many Red Cross National Societies, Habitat for Humanity, Feed the Children, etc.

The following numbers from the article give a dimension to the size of the undertaking here that we have been just a very small part of:

BRR had a US$3.25 billion budget.

Projects Overseen by BRR Built:
   • 140,304 Homes.
   • 13 Airports and Airstrips.
   • 23 Seaports.
   • 1,115 Medical Facilities.
   • 1,759 Schools.
   • 3,696 km of Roads.
   • 363 Bridges.
   • 996 Government Buildings.

BRR also:
   • Assisted 195,726 Small and Medium Sized Businesses.
   • Trained 155,182 Workers.
   • Trained 39,663 Teachers.
   • Rehabilitated 101,240 hectares of Farmland.

Numbers that boggle the mind …

The article made no mention of the 40 radios rehabilitated by the Red Cross recently.. but that's ok! :-)

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