Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Go Take a Cold Shower

There are various times and situations in a person's life when they've been told “Oh go take a cold shower!”. Well here it's not suggested, it's the way of life once you leave Dhaka and head into the smaller towns. A couple of nights ago I was staying in a hotel that had two taps at the sink and two near the shower head. In addition, it had a large tank mounted on the wall that said “Hot Water Heater”. This all sounded promising until I tried to find some hot water to shave and then subsequently to shower. No go … I finally relented and went ahead and quickly showered in cold water. I talked with Sajit when we met for breakfast and he had the same problem.

Last night I stayed at a hotel that saved the frustration in the morning by simply having one tap at the sink and one near the shower head and it wasn't a Delta Scaldguard. At least I was mentally prepared for the initial shock. I'm now in another hotel that also embraces the one knob philosophy. Since I'm here for at least 4 nights I'll have to get used to trying to wash my hair without splashing too much cold water on my body. It's not easy! But at least when you finally get used to the temperature you know you'll be awake for a while.

It's another case of realizing what we take for granted in our way of life.

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