Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lunch Near the Port

At lunch today we went down to a restaurant called Banda Seafood which has been built near the shore overlooking the sea from where the tsunami had come. I cannot begin to imagine what it must have been like four years ago to be anywhere near here and see that wall of water rushing in. A chilling thought.

Sarmad told us of some homes that were built by Germany to rehouse some of the survivors. The outside walls were painted orange. But, when the people moved in, they painted the wall facing the sea black. When asked why they did this they said it was because that was the color of the wave that came ashore and doing this was showing defiance to the sea.

Heading back to the office we passed a large barge that housed an electricity generator. It's a steel hulled vessel probably 25' wide by 100' long and 25' high. The water line is well over 10' above the ground. What makes this vessel unique is that it's now 3km inland and now a monument to 24 Dec 2004. I'll get a photograph to add here.

Other than a couple of briefings (Admin and Finance) we spent the day becoming familiar with the project, what has been accomplished, and what is left to do. Tomorrow we will devote most of the day to going deeper into the current status and developing a plan to accomplish project deliverables.

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