Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We're Going!

I got word today that all paperwork is now complete and visas have been issued. The only thing left is to get confirmed airline seats. The staff at the Red Cross in DC are working on that. I chatted with Glen this morning and we're both excited about getting going. The travel will be long - leave Appleton Friday morning and get to Banda Aceh early Sunday afternoon. The international date line takes care of Saturday! Outbound route goes: Appleton - Chicago - Hong Kong - Singapore - Medan - Banda Aceh. No layovers, just airport visits!! Glen is flying through LA and we'll meet up in Singapore.

Sarmad Nafi, the IT/Telecom Coordinator for the IFRC in Indonesia has everything coordinated for kickoff meetings next Monday (19th) in Banda Aceh. I looking forward to actually getting going after postponements caused by the paperwork.

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