Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dining With Cats

So there I am enjoying lunch at a local restaurant when I notice a cat between my legs. There were at least five cats roaming the place. I’m sitting in a very low chair and leaning forward across my lap to eat and the cat is right beneath me looking up.
I took a photo because he was so cute and meowed nicely for food. He must have known that I very seldom feed animals from the table because when I leaned forward to take the next bite from my piece of chicken the little terror stood tall and gracefully removed the chicken bone from my hands and ran off with it! Good job I was almost finished.

A typical lunch in this part of the world is to be given a plate with a serving of white rice on it and then helping yourself to whatever takes your fancy from bowls lined up on the display shelf, usually several different kinds of chicken dishes, several fish dishes, maybe a beef dish or two, and one or two vegetable dishes. Most of them include either green or red chilies so your taste needs to lean towards the spicy. I’m in heaven! The food and one or two Tehbotols and I’m ready to start work again. Tehbotol is the name of a very popular bottled cold tea drink served everywhere I’ve been so far.

p.s. I'll try to post some photos when I get better access. Right now it's back to dial-up speed of 54 Kbps through a Telkomsel Flash wireless drive. Slooowwww!!

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