Friday, March 27, 2009

Want Another Political Party?

Indonesia has a national election on April 9th. There are many people in America that wish we had at least one more legitimate choice other than Republican or Democrat (apologies to Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, and others who have tried). Well, be careful of what you wish for. This photo displays a list of the 38 different political parties that have candidates running for election in Jakarta. Can you imagine trying to sort out who to vote for?

This election is to vote for three representatives: municipal, district, and provincial. The Indonesian people will return to the polls later to vote for a new President. As I understand the current President can run for re-election as many times as he wants, no term limits like the US.

Regarding yesterday’s object: It’s a tool for grinding out the inside of coconuts to remove the hard, white flesh for cooking. Split your coconut in half and grind away. The shell of the coconut protects your hands from the spiky reamer.

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