Monday, October 10, 2011

The DBB...

When all the equipment and supplies purchased in the US by the American Red Cross National HQ team were assembled in Washington, they were all packed and shipped to Bangladesh in 11 separate boxes. Ten of the boxes were large black plastic Pelican cases and the eleventh was a large wooden crate.

When we arrived at the offices in Dhaka Maliha, one of the CPP Project team said to me, 'We know what kinds of things are in the black cases but what is in the dead body box?' After the confusion we guessed what it was. Much laughter followed. Here it is.

The case was built by the manufacturer of the VHF antennas we are installing, B-Square Engineering. We had ordered 120 J-pole antennas built to match the frequencies used in the CPP and B-Square offered to build a shipping crate.

I now refer to it as the DBB. If anyone needs a cheap burial solution please contact the CPP Project team. After all of the antennas are installed it will be available to the highest bidder!

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