Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Work Begins...

After a few delays getting the right equipment and supplies, a National holiday on Thursday, and the Muslim holy day on Friday (the first day of their weekend), we finally got stuck into the rebuilding of the radios in Dhaka. It’s going to be a challenge to source some of the parts primarily because the people doing the shopping have never seen the items we want.

Tom is showing one of the radio operators and the telecom technician what can be learned from their new antenna tuner for the HF radio.

As a teaching exercise we assembled a VHF antenna and mounted it to the top of the mast on the roof of the IFRC building. The local staff were only too willing to let Tom go up!

They do have dedicated mast climbers but apparently they were not available. We were assured that once we leave Dhaka for the delta region we will have a mast climber along with us. Truth is, Tom really enjoyed the climb. 

As a footnote: One of the staff said, 'You should see one of the mast climbers. He’s really old. He must be at least fifty five.'

It’s great having someone along to share the experience. We’ve ventured up the road from the hotel, dodging potholes, massive traffic, motorcyclists driving on the sidewalk, various rickshaw and tuk-tuk type vehicles. Yesterday we found a Chinese restaurant that had the closest thing I’ve had to Chinese food since Ann and I left Beijing. Tonight was Italian – pizza 'quattro formaggi' that was very good!

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