Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beef On The Hoof!

I didn’t think I’d be writing any more animal stories, but……… On Sunday, three AmCross folks, Ken (from New London, Wisconsin), and Fred and Anne (from the UK), picked me up and we went up near one of the NW beaches to a restaurant called Joels. To get there, you pass through an area that had been completely leveled by the tsunami except for a mosque. The aerial photo of that solitary mosque centered in a wasteland of destruction was one of the more popular photos in the post-tsunami days. The area surrounding the mosque is now a brand new village erected by the Turkish Red Crescent.
At the far end of the village is Joels, a restaurant aimed at expats serving pizza, spaghetti, seafood, french fries, and cold liquids of the western variety.

To get to our seating we passed by ponds containing goldfish. And as we’re eating our food we were entertained by a herd of cows that walked through the village and came to drink from the fishponds. I’m really happy that Joels is not a steak or hamburger place because this could have put me off my meal.

After their drink two of the cows and a calf decided to form a new roundabout at the junction of three roads, totally oblivious to the traffic.

This morning, Monday, I’m back on the road to hopefully complete all of the radio installations on the east coast. There are some sites that Glen and I didn’t get to and there’s some reprogramming and light maintenance to do at another. I should be back in Banda Aceh Friday afternoon.

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