Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Teluk Dalam to Gunung Sitoli - The Better Way

On Wednesday, after making repairs to the radios at the PMI office in Teluk Dalam we headed back to Gunung Sitoli along the 'good' road up the eastern side of the island. It was indeed better than the western road, but still every single bridge had been destroyed by the earthquake and some sections of the road had obviously been closed off by landslides or eroded away by the sea.

The major attraction is that long sections of the road run alongside the ocean where only palm trees separate the road from coral outcrops and breaking waves. The sea is a mix of blue's that give an indication of the depth of the water along the shore.

Along the way we stopped at a roadside restaurant so our two Indonesian travelling companions could get a bite to eat. The view from some of the seating on the ocean-side of the road was special. It’s a part of this assignment I guess I will just have to put up with it! :-)

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  1. Finally found you!! I enjoy your blog and will try to stay current . . . sounds exactly what I would love to be doing.