Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Singapore - It's Visa Time!

On Monday Glen and I flew to Singapore. For Glen it's the start of his homeward journey. His four weeks in Indonesia have flown by - no pun intended. It's going to be very strange to wake up later this week and realize that I am now on my own for the duration. Glen was a great traveling companion and I think we worked well as a team. Glen's professionalism, dedication to the task, work ethic, optimism, and sense of humor will be missed.

The reason for flying to Singapore was to pick up a new entry visa into Indonesia. The Indonesia government will only issue an entry visa valid for 30 days. This means that on the 30th day visitors have to exit the country, pick up a new entry visa, and return. The IFR had arranged with a visa consultant in Singapore to turn our request around in one day.
This morning I turned over my documentation and US passport to the visa consultant then Glen and I went to visit one of the tech malls they have here - by lunch time we both had technology overload. We have never seen so many PC's, mobile phones, and digital cameras in one place - every make and model you can imagine, many not available in the US.

My passport with new entry visa was returned to the hotel at 4:00pm - I can make my flight tonight.

I got in last night - late last night, and am currently in the Singapore airport waiting to fly back to Medan. Tomorrow morning I'll fly back to Banda Aceh.

Note to US airports - I'm using complimentary wifi access that's freely available throughout the Singapore airport. Why can't we provide the same service! :-)

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